Welcome to The Bubble Waffle by Pie Journey, where we believe life is better with Sweet Little Bubble Waffle.

“Little Bubble Waffle” is a very unique food product, which is an authentic Hong Kong snack called “Gai Daan Zai”. We keep to the traditional Hong Kong Bubble Waffle recipe to give our customers an authentic taste rather than using pre-made pancake or waffle mixture.

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Our mouthwatering Little Bubble Waffle can be the perfect addition at your wedding, corporate event or you can simply put an order in with us to satisfy your bubble waffle needs.

“Little Bubbles Waffle” are unlike the traditional waffle. “Little Bubbles Waffle” have a bumpy design that looks like a bunch of eggs, which can be eaten individually. “Little Bubbles Waffle” will be finished off with various toppings, like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and some Asian toppings, like Pocky sticks and Koala biscuit along with cream or ice cream.